Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions


FIRST – The vehicle is handed over to the customer by the rental company (Alexander Bocks – Lazy Bus), whereby he does not take over any warranty for the vehicle in question, which was selected by the customer/renter. Accordingly, no responsibility can be attributed to the lessor, which can be attributed to the manufacturer/producer. In case of a defect of the vehicle, which could affect its normal use, the Lessee must inform the Lessor, so that the Lessor can make the appropriate complaints.

The Rental company does not assume or accept any responsibility arising from the failure or delay in delivery, repair or maintenance which can be attributed to the manufacturer/producer. The vehicle will be handed over without new accessories, advertising material or additional equipment being installed by the lessee without the written consent of the lessor.
It is forbidden to use the vehicle in any kind of competition or race, performance test or similar, as well as driving on unpaved roads, stone or sand paths. It is also forbidden to transport harmful, dangerous or unhealthy products. The vehicles are rented exclusively for private purposes & travel. Any commercial use, unusual driving behaviour (e.g. same route several times there and back, cab or shuttle trips) or the use for moving house is prohibited. The sticking of the lazy bus stickers on the vehicles is strictly prohibited. Additional stickers can be permitted by arrangement. It is expressly emphasized that the use of the rented vehicle is limited to the country Spain, it may not be used outside the borders of Spain. The destination, outside of Majorca, and the countries to be travelled must be communicated to the lessor in writing before departure. The use of the Volkswagen T3 classic cars is limited to the island of Mallorca and the T3 vehicles may not be used outside the boundaries of Mallorca. In the event of failure by the renter to comply with the above obligations, the responsibility falls solely on the renter and releases the lessor from any responsibility in any case and furthermore the renter must pay the lessor the amount of SEVENTHOUNDED EURO (700 €) as a penalty.

SECOND. – The minimum age of the renter must be 25 years and he/she must have held a class 3 or B driving license for at least 2 years. The vehicle may only be driven by the driver registered in the Rental Agreement, except with the express permission of the Lessor, who authorizes a third person, under the same conditions as the first renter ( an appendix is attached for the 2nd driver, who thus becomes an independent party to the agreement ). The rented vehicle can be driven as many kilometers as desired without any limit.


THIRD. – The rental price includes the car rental for the rental period specified in the rental agreement. The costs for maintenance and wear-and-tear repairs as well as the agreed insurance cover are also covered. The prices published on https://www.lazy-bus.com at the time of the conclusion of the contract are inclusive of the Spanish VAT rate. The rental price does not include tolls, fuel costs, parking fees, camping fees, as well as other parking space costs or transport fees such as ferry costs.
In any case, the renter is fully responsible for all violations, fines or penalties resulting from any violation of the law, or damage to third parties caused by the use of the vehicle. In the event that the Lessor is declared to be partially or fully responsible for the violations or claims and has to make payments in this sense, the full amount will be automatically allocated to the Lessee, who is personally obliged to take it over.
The lessee hereby authorizes the lessor to debit the agreed fee for fines, speed cameras and parking tickets plus the processing fee of 25,-€ via credit card or to claim it from the lessee. All kilometers which the renter covers with the rental vehicle are included in the daily rental price, unless otherwise agreed in writing and no unusual driving behaviour is noticeable. If in the after-effect a misuse of the vehicle is recognizable, the renter is obliged to pay damages.


FOURTH – By sending the completed booking form, the Lessee sends a binding offer to concluse the rental contract and accepts the Lessor’s general terms and conditions in the booking process. Only after receipt of the written booking confirmation (by email) from the lessor is the rental booking bindingly accepted by the lessor (= conclusion of the contract) and the rental vehicle is considered as firmly booked. The lessor is entitled to refuse the conclusion of a rental contract.

FIFTH – The down payment at the time of booking is 20% of the total amount including extras and service fee and is due within 7 days after receipt of the booking confirmation. The remaining payment of another 80% of the total amount must be received by the lessor at least 30 days before the start of the trip. If the booking is made less than 7 days before the start of the trip, the entire rental price is due immediately. If the deposit is not paid on time, it is at the discretion of the lessor to cancel the booking. If the remaining payment is not paid on time, the lessor can cancel the booking and retain the deposit already paid.


SIXTH – The client/renter is obliged to pay the following percentage of the rental price if he/she wishes to cancel/prematurely terminate the rental agreement for the vehicle:
• Up to 30 days before the beginning of the rental contract: 20% of the agreed rental price including extras.
• 29 – 7 days before the beginning of the rental agreement: 50% of the agreed rental price incl. extras.
• Less than 6 days before the beginning of the rental contract: 80% of the agreed rental price incl. extras.


SEVENTH – As a security deposit for the return of the vehicle, the material camping and the booked extras in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract, the amount of 700€ will be paid in cash or by bank transfer in advance, regardless of any other amount for the use of the vehicle or as compensation for damage caused to the vehicle, the camping material and the booked extras.
If the Lessor, upon return of the vehicle at the end of the rental agreement, finds out about damages caused by the Lessee, the following procedure will be followed: Whether the deposit was paid in cash or by advance bank transfer, once the Lessor has carried out the appropriate checks, he will refund the deposit or claim the difference between the deposit and the cost of the damage, up to a limit of SEVENHUNDRED EUROS (700 €), with a maximum period of 30 days, if applicable.

On the other hand, if the Lessor, upon returning the vehicle, finds that no damage has been caused, the deposit will be returned as follows If the deposit has been paid in cash: The deposit will be returned at the same moment of the return of the vehicle, if the lessor finds the vehicle to be free of damages when returning it.

If the guarantee/deposit has been paid by bank transfer: If the lessor finds the vehicle to be damage free on return and later cleaning, the deposit will be returned within 7 working days. On the other hand, if the lessor is not able to inspect possible damages immediately, he has a period of 30 days to make the final invoice and return the deposit, if applicable, or to claim the difference between the deposit and the damage costs, up to a limit of SEVENHUNDRED EUROS (700 €).

EIGHTH – The lessor will indemnify the renter according to the principles of a fully comprehensive insurance based on the current model conditions with an excess of 700 € plus a lump sum for damages per claim of 45 € on the rented vehicle. The amount covered by the liability insurance is € 50 million.


NINTH – The rental period extends from the agreed takeover of the vehicle to the final return. The minimum rental period is 2 nights from November – March and 4 nights from April – October, although this may be reduced to 2 nights if available at short notice, 7 days before the rental.


TENTH- The pick up and return of the vehicle takes place at the location. The rented vehicle must be taken over punctually at the agreed date by the lessee at the location defined in the rental agreement.

The following documentation and items are handed over with the vehicle:
1 – Instruction manual of the vehicle.
2. registration certificate, data sheet for the ITV inspection.
3. rental contract.
4.1 set of keys of the vehicle
5. license plates
In case of loss of documents and/or keys, the Lessor will charge the Lessee the sum of ONEHUNDREDFIFTY (150,-€), which will not be taken from the security deposit.

TWELFTH – The vehicle will be returned to the Lessor or to a person expressly designated by the Lessor, in the same condition in which the Lessee received it on the first day. The same condition means the operational wear-and-tear during normal use.
The Lessee is responsible for any reduction in value or even loss of the vehicle or any of its components if this results from failure to comply with the obligations derived from this Agreement. Costs for repair or replacement will be charged to the renter.
The vehicle is considered not to be returned if the documentation described in the previous clause is missing, unless it is in the hands of the lessor. In the case that the vehicle is not returned in its previous condition, a penalty of SEVENHUNDRED EUROS (700,-€) will be applied, which the renter must pay to the lessor.

THIRTEENTH – The return will be at the place and on the date specified in the rental agreement, between 09:00 – 12:00, unless otherwise agreed.
Both parties will check the condition of the vehicle and its components.
The Lessee must return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel, as well as with the interior equipment and all utilitarian objects of the rented vehicle in the same condition as they were handed over to him/her.
In the case that the vehicle is not returned in the same condition as it was handed over (not filled up with fuel and/or repair or replacement of the interior equipment or the objects of use of the rented vehicle), this will be charged, in addition to the deposit of SEVENHUNDRED EURO (700.-€).
A tank that is only partially filled will be refilled by the lessor under calculation of the concrete fuel costs for refilling the tank and a handling fee of 25€. The amount may be deducted directly from the security deposit.

FOURTEENTH – Any cleaning costs incurred for heavy soiling, e.g. on the upholstery, the interior ceiling or interior walls will be retained from the security deposit and a special cleaning flat rate of 50,-€ to 150,-€ will be charged.

FIFTEENTH- if the vehicle is returned with more than one hour delay at the agreed time, the renter must pay the price of a complete corresponding rental day as penalty. The Lessee will pay all the costs resulting from a late handover of the vehicle, especially if another customer or another person wants to make legal claims against the Lessor due to that delay. In addition, if the vehicle is not returned on the same day of the end of the contract and regardless of the previously established penalties, the renter must pay an additional penalty of FIVEHUNDRED EURO (500,-€). Whereby for the collection of fines not the amount paid is deducted from the security deposit.


SIXTEENTH- The Lessee undertakes to maintain the vehicle in good condition and to use it in an appropriate manner, according to its contractual provision, in accordance with the legal regulations and the manufacturer’s/producer’s instructions for use. The vehicle is delivered with a full tank of fuel and must be returned as well. In case the water tank is filled with petrol/diesel or the fuel tank is filled with other inappropriate fuel or something else inappropriate, the renter must pay the amount of SEVENHUNDRED EURO (700,-€) to the lessor as a penalty. The Lessee is obliged to lock the vehicle properly, to check the condition of the vehicle every time, as well as the water and oil level and the tire pressure. In the same way, he/she has to make sure that the vehicle is in perfect condition to be safe in operation. If the vehicle suffers damage due to overheating resulting from low oil or coolant level or low tire pressure, the renter will immediately lose the deposit of SEVENHUNDRED EURO (700,- €).


SVENTEENTH- minor repairs, according to the following list with exemplary but not restrictive effect, are Replacement of bulbs, lack of oil or liquid for the windscreen wiper system, repairs to ensure safety, etc., which do not exceed ONEHUNDREDFIFTY EURO (150€), may be carried out by the lessee with the express permission of the lessor, the repairs must be credibly justified by the lessee, then at the end of the rental agreement the lessor will refund the lessee the amount paid out. It is the responsibility of the lessee to keep the repaired parts or objects of the performed repair, as well as a receipt for the laid out sum, i.e. the invoice.

The Lessee shall pay for a full Adblue tank at the start of the journey. The Renter is obliged to check the Adblue tank regularly and, if warning signals light up, to ensure that the Adblue tank is filled up properly at his own expense without delay.


In case of robbery or theft of the vehicle, object of the present Agreement, the Lessee will immediately report this act, as soon as he/she has knowledge of it, to the competent authorities (local police or other state security agencies) and will likewise directly and immediately inform the Lessor.

In case of an accident, with or without the participation of third persons, fire, damage due to atmospheric conditions or any other reason, the Lessee undertakes to immediately inform the local police or other state security authorities, to follow the requests of the official, to give evidence of the facts/accident and the damage report. He has to keep any documentation for the Lessor, which proves the facts and immediately deliver it to him. The damage report must contain the name, address, telephone numbers, driver’s license data of the persons involved, as well as the data of the other party involved in the accident with the name of the insurance company, their insurance policy number, data of any witnesses and the license plates of the vehicles involved.

NINETEENTH- A liability exemption covers accidental damage caused by an unexpected event that occurs directly from the outside with mechanical force. Operational damage and pure breakage damage are not accidental damage.

The exemption from liability does not cover damage caused by a switching error, misfuelling or cargo, nor does it cover damage caused by operating errors inside the rental vehicle or on the pop-up roof/roof tent.
The renter is fully liable – and independent of his fault – for the following damages, whereby the liability can be partially limited or excluded via the LAZY PACKAGE:
• Tires: Costs for the towing service, the tires or their installation will be paid by the renter. The spare wheel on the rental vehicle may not be fitted by the renter himself, but only by a towing or breakdown service.
• Windscreens: Stone chips in windscreens will be repaired or replaced depending on size and location.
• Interior: Damage to the interior of the vehicle.

TWENTHIETH- vehicle damage caused by the use of ferries/car trains is not insured and has to be paid by the renter. The lessee is obliged to report ferry and other transport damages to the lessor immediately.
The renter is fully liable in case of intentional violation of the contractual agreements or gross negligence, especially for damages caused by the use of an unauthorized driver or the use of the rented vehicle for prohibited purposes. The burden of proof for the absence of gross negligence is carried by the renter.
For the handling of a damage caused during the rental period a handling fee of 45,-€ will be charged.

TWENTY-FIRST- The premature parking of the rented vehicle at the place of return (no matter if public or private area) is at own risk. The lessor is not liable for any damages that are caused until the official end of the rental period.


TWENTY-SECOND – The Lessee has the option of reducing his liability by booking a LAZY PACKAGE.
With each booking is automatically included:
• Deductible of 700 €.
• Unlimited number of kilometers
If the LAZY PACKAGE is added, the renter is also entitled to the following additional services:
• an additional driver
• Reduction of the deductible from 700,- € to 350,- €
• Windshield insurance small: No tenant liability for windshield damage due to stone chips outside the field of vision with cracks up to a maximum of 2 cm
If the LAZY FLEX PACKAGE is added, the renter is also entitled to the following additional services:
• an additional driver
• Reduction of the deductible from 700,- € to 350,- €
• Windshield insurance small: No tenant liability for windshield damage due to stone chips outside the field of vision with cracks up to a maximum of 2 cm
• One-time, free rebooking within a full year is possible until the 3rd day before arrival.


TWENTY-THIRD- The rental of this vehicle is automatically considered to be terminated, for everything related to the rental, as well as all other contractual services including insurance, should any of the following circumstances apply:
1) Failure by the renter to fulfill the obligations established by the present contract, especially the non-payment of the rental fee or other agreed payments.
2 – The insurance company declares a total loss of the vehicle.
3 – In mutual agreement.
4) The Lessor’s statement that the identification data, which are the basis for the conclusion of the present Agreement, provided by the Lessee, are incorrect.
5) The transfer of this Agreement and all rights and obligations arising from it to third parties by the Lessee without the express written consent of the Lessor.


TWENTY-FOURTH – If the rented vehicle has a technical defect which is not due to a reason attributable to the Lessee, the Lessor has carried out the appropriate inspections of the vehicle and the vehicle cannot be repaired in a maximum period of 24 hours since the Lessee informed the Lessor of the defect or no other vehicle of the same characteristics can be made available to the Lessee due to unavailability, the present Rental Agreement must be cancelled.
The Lessor must pay the Lessee the amount corresponding to the unused days of the agreed rental period, as established by the present contract. And, once the condition of the vehicle is verified with regard to the security deposit, the security deposit will be refunded accordingly.


TWENTY-FIFTH – In the course of the execution of the rental agreement with the Lessee, it is necessary for the Lessor to process personal data of the Lessee. The scope of data processing is defined in the Lessor’s data protection declaration. This is available at: https://www.lazy-bus.com/impressum.
The Lessor may be requested to disclose the data in individual cases due to requests from governmental authorities or private service providers (e.g. parking lot operators, toll, etc.).
As a result of the use of a navigation device or the coupling of a cell phone, the navigation data & data entered during the rental period may be stored in the rental vehicle if necessary. If the lessee wishes the deletion of the aforementioned data after return of the vehicle, he/she must ensure the deletion himself/herself before returning the vehicle. Instructions for this can be found in the operating instructions. The lessor is not obliged to delete the aforementioned data.


TWENTY-SIXTH- The parties expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of Manacor.