About us

We, Jill & Alex, have been living on Mallorca for many years and have bought our first VW T3 Bus in 2012. Many beautiful experiences, dreamlike places to stand and envious comments from our circle of friends convinced us to make these great moments also available to other relaxed people.

Since it is already very difficult to buy a well preserved VW T3 bus, to restore and just to drive to Mallorca – we have taken over that for you and bought 2 further oldtimers VW T3 Camper since then. 2018 came the next step: The Bulli family should grow by 3 new VW T6 California. So we are happy to have Oldtimer Bulli fans and Camper fans, who don’t want to miss the comfort. All you have to do is book a flight to Mallorca and come to us.
WIth our 6 Buses, we are no gigantic car rental, but a small family business, which wants to obtain a completely different impression of Mallorca with the slogan ?liberty on four wheels? After your arrival at our Lazy Finca Son Valls we sit down together with a Café con Leche, get out the Majorca map and give you countless tips (sleeping places to stand freely, sights, cafes/restaurants etc.) on your way.

Our buses are of course officially registered for rental, insured and the oldtimers go 2x a year to the TÜV.

In addition, our campers are checked through after each rental, professionally cleaned and are regularly checked for safety by our trustworthy and reliable mechanics.

Should your rented bus actually “go on strike” or break something, we try to settle this immediately and look for a solution together. However, we do not have 6 spare bullis in the garage.

Our Philosophy

We are infected by the VW Bus and Mallorca Virus and nothing we would rather do than infect you with it. Those of you who have already experienced a VW Bus Tour, felt the feeling of freedom and awakened the “Lazymodus”, already carry the virus and know exactly what we are talking about.

What could be nicer than exploring a small piece of earth with a cool T3 oldtimer camper or a T6 California and staying wherever you want to.
The best thing about it is: all the others drive back to the hotels on time for dinner. But you take out the folding chair, open a good bottle of wine and enjoy the Majorcan sunset. This is the Bulli Freedom that we would like to give you!

If you want to travel in the retro style of the 80s with one of our vintage cars, this means pure deceleration, but also the renunciation of air conditioning, power steering, parking heater, horse power & Co. Our cult T3 Bullis have the ability to bring you down by slow and conscious driving. Let yourself be enchanted by the very own VW Bulli Aura and get envious looks, but also cheerful waving people who like to sacrifice you the bigger parking lot.
Driving a vintage car also means skipping the mountain routes, because the engines of our over 35 year old campers are not designed for this.

But if you want to drive into the mountains and don’t want to do without your usual luxury, then choose a VW T6 California Ocean / Beach in a chic retro look. You can expect 2018 models with every imaginable luxury. Like e.g. 150 HP engine power, parking heater, air conditioning, complete kitchen, compressor refrigerator, wash basin, shower and partly (depending on model) with hot water, solar panel, seat heating, park pilot etc..
No matter which model you choose, it is only important if you treat our Bullis as well as we do, if you want to explore Mallorca lazy and intensely and if you don’t let yourself be stressed – then we promise you an incomparable experience which the average package tour traveler can only dream about.

And if you’re not interested in the Bulli feeling, but are just looking for a cheap place to stay, a rental car or a camper van and with which you can jet through every pothole without any loss, then you should change to another homepage of big car rental companies or to our competitors at the latest now…

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