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Are you ready to experience a slowing down micro-adventure in a camper on Mallorca? If our lazy philosophy appeals to you, then rent one of our Mallorca campers for an unforgettable road trip on our favourite island.

We’ll give you all the info, insider tips and equipment along the way, just as if we were renting our own camper in Mallorca and planning our holiday trip. We look forward to meeting you in person and putting the coffee on…

Jill, Alex & Lucy

Lazy Bus Mallorca Jill Vinkmann und Alexander Bocks

short and sweet

  • Since 2015 – The first VW T3 & T6 camper rental on the island
  • New and retro VW Camper & Citroen Vans
  • Over 16 years of experience in Mallorca
  • English-speaking briefing & 24h support
  • Route suggestions & recommendations with „lazy feeling“
  • Many extras can be booked individually
  • Hygiene concept Covid-19
  • Homebase – Lazy Finca Hotel in Felanitx:• Breakfast, paella or BBQ evening at the hotel on request.

Our Mallorca Camper Rentals

Mini Camper Rental Berlingo Mallorca

Mini Camper

from 70,- €
Dachzelt Columbus Mallorca


from 30,- €
VW T3 Vintage Camper Rental Mallorca

Vintage Camper

from 100,- €
California Beach Camper mieten auf Mallorca

California Camper

from 105,- €
Lifestyle Camper rental Mallorca Citroen Campervan

Lifestyle Camper

from 85,- €
Ququq Box auf Mallorca mieten für Hochdachkombis

Camping Box

from 30,- €

Your home base Lazy Finca:

In 2016 we opened the Lazy Finca Hotel with 12 rooms; away from the mass tourism and we slow you down already with the arrival and delivery of the campervans. Since there are no campsites on Mallorca, you have the possibility to return to your homebase at any time, whether for a warm shower, wifi, a cold beer or a coffee, … For all Lazy Bus guests there is a 24h bathroom available and you are welcome to spend the night in our olive grove.

You can also book the perfect Mallorca Combi: Only a few days with the bus explore the island and afterwards a relaxed stay in the Lazy Finca.

> to the Lazy Finca Homepage

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This is what a normal Lazy Day could look like:

To be woken up by the sun in the morning by the sea, go for a quick swim in the Mediterranean, plan your next tour at a café con leche and after a market stroll spend your siesta in one of the sleepy villages in the middle of the island. We continue with a delicious lunch menu in a local village bar, then maybe stand-up paddling, diving, biking, climbing, hiking or simply driving lazy directly back to the beach. Order a Mojito in the next beach stall and end the day with Chill-Out-Beats and the best: There’s no need for a designated driver 🙂 So you can live your Bulli dream on Mallorca.

If you are ready to embark on a decelerating adventure and address our philosophy, you will experience the best time of your life.

We look forward to seeing you!

Alex, Jill & Lucy